Wisper: We've got all the secrets for using this thread!
Wisper is a thin, fuzzy fiber made in Italy by Rainbow Gallery. In our opinion, it's one of the most underutilized threads out there. For whatever reason it's no one's go to thread for fluffy texture. Read on to get all our tips and tricks for stitching with Wisper. 

One of the reasons people get intimidated by working with Wisper is the thickness of the thread. It's very thin. However, we think that this is one of Wisper's greatest strengths, as it can be tailored to fit the mesh count you're working on. We simply recommend doubling or tripling the thread. We recommend using two strands on 18 count canvas for fuller texture and three strands on 13 count. 

Another wonderful thing you can do with Wisper is to blend it with other fibers. If you want a lightly fuzzy look, try blending 1 strand of Wisper with 1 strand of either Planet Earth Essentials or Bella Lusso on 18 count. This should give you good coverage without struggling to pull the thread through the canvas. On 13 count you can mix and match the aforementioned threads for a total of three strands for full coverage.

If it's not super fluffy once it's been stitched in the canvas, the fibers may be caught in the mesh. Try using your finger or a soft bristled toothbrush to fluff it back up!

Wisper comes in a truly beautiful array of colors. There are lots of very natural looking browns and grays. Try it on your next animal canvas or on Santa's Beard. 
You're sure to love the effect it gives- we certainly do! 

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July 26, 2022 — KC Needlepoint


Tracey Mangano

Tracey Mangano said:

Love this fiber for animal fur and Santa’s beard. Recently used it on a canvas painted with old English sheepdogs for a long shaggy effect. Used nubuko brush for a fuller effect


Emily said:

What stitches do you use with this thread though to show off the fluffiness? Does it end up giving a similar effect like turkey work?

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