You asked, and we answered: Planet Earth Wool is here!
You asked, and we answered! Planet Earth Wool is here. This wonderful thread is a favorite among stitchers, and we're delighted to now offer it for purchase both in shop and on our website!

Regardless of what type of project you're stitching, wool is a fantastic choice for any 13 mesh design... and we can't get enough of our newest fiber. We know you'll love stitching with it too. 

Planet Earth Wool has a soft, warm look when stitched into the canvas. It's a great option for any canvas you don't want to sparkle and glitter. Just look at those colors! Many people love Planet Earth Wool for the traditional look it gives to your project. We love using it for stockings, pillows, and belts, because it's exceptionally durable. Like all Planet Earth products we offer, the quality is exceptional. 

Planet Earth is a single strand fiber, meaning that you stitch with one thread at a time. One of the reasons we like to work with it, is that it is less "springy" than other wools on the market. It has a very loose twist, meaning it doesn't tangle up on itself when you stitch with it. 

We can't recommend Planet Earth Wool enough for all of your 13 count stitching needs! Go ahead and order a few skeins- you'll be glad you gave it a try!
August 31, 2022 — KC Needlepoint
Tags: Wool



Cattleya22 said:

This is great news! PE is kind of hard to find.

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