Sparkle Rays: You're sure to love it!
Sparkle Rays is a fantastic thread. It is an easy to use flat ribbon- similar in texture to Neon Rays Plus.

Like many other metallics, Sparkle Rays comes in two different thicknesses: Regular Sparkle Rays, designed for use on 13 count canvas and Petite Sparkle Rays, designed for use on 18 (it will also work on 13 with looser tension). The colors correspond across both weights. Sparkle Rays is a single strand fiber. Simply cut one strand off the card and you're ready to start stitching. Like all other ribbons, if you're doing long stitches you will want to make sure the thread lays flat and isn't twisted up on itself for the cleanest look!

Sadly, Sparkle Rays is often overlooked in favor of Neon Rays Plus and Silk Lamé Braid (they're also great fibers!) But, if you've never worked with this thread, we know that you will love it. 

Sparkle Rays has a number of colors in the thread line that are difficult to find in needlepoint fibers. If you're looking for neon colors or pastels for your next canvas this may be the thread line to check out! There are wonderful neon yellows, greens, pinks and more that can be difficult to find in non synthetic threads. Additionally, we can't get enough of the "cotton candy" blues and purples. They make great Easter colors! Even the white is very bright and a fabulous choice for snow. 

What are you waiting for? Try this fantastic fiber on your next project. Order a few colors and give it a try. They're sure to make a great addition to any thread stash!

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March 29, 2022 — KC Needlepoint
Tags: Metallics


Laura Warren

Laura Warren said:

I found the price.

Laura Warren

Laura Warren said:

How much is one skein of sparkle ray?

Thank you!

Carol Meny

Carol Meny said:

Thank you! Always interesting reading!

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