Bring Santa to life with our top three tips!
Santa! He’s probably the most depicted figure in needlepoint. Whether you’re stitching an ornament, a pillow, or a stocking… you’ll come across Santa all over the place. We love stitching for Christmas! There are so many fun ways to bring Santa to life on a canvas- no matter the size of your project!

Read on to get our three top tips for stitching the big guy in the red suit.

Try out some Very Velvet!

Very Velvet is just to die for. It’s luscious, soft and so easy to use. It has a matte, velvety texture when it’s stitched into the canvas and there is no more realistic choice than Very Velvet for Santa’s suit.

Very Velvet is made by Rainbow Gallery. The color palate has several different reds to choose from, so there will be a match regardless of the shade. Very Velvet comes in two thicknesses: Petite (designed for 18) and regular (designed for 13). We recommend buying the Petite because it goes back and forth nicely between both 18 and 13 count canvas. It’s a great thread to keep on hand in your stash. You never know when you’ll need a little bit!

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Add in some fun textures for whites!

There are so many fun textured white threads on the market. Why limit yourself? When stitching Santa, you typically have two different areas to use a fuzzy white: Santa’s Beard and the fur trim on his coat. Just because they’re both painted white doesn’t mean you have to use the same thread for both areas. Our favorite fun white threads include: Fuzzy Stuff, Angora (use on 13 count), Wisper (use on 18 count), Silk Lamé Braid and Pepper Pot Silk. Any combination of those will add a great effect and help to differentiate the areas on the canvas. 

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Sprinkle in some Patent Leather!

Patent Leather is an often-overlooked thread. We don’t recommend using it to stitch with in a traditional Basketweave. Patent Leather is a fun accent thread for Santa’s belt or boots. We recommend doing Long Stitches with it. Long Stitches should span the width of the area you are trying to cover. Don't make them longer than 4-5 canvas threads though so they don't get snagged. They can run on the diagonal, horizontally, or vertically. Whatever makes the most sense on the canvas. Top any belt or boot off with a gold buckle in a fun metallic like Fyre Werks or Neon Rays Plus.

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Above all… don’t be afraid to have fun! We hope you’ll try out a new thread  to really bring Santa to life on your next project. 

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March 07, 2022 — KC Needlepoint