Floss Away Bags... you've got to try them!
We're all about making things as easy as we can at KC Needlepoint, which is why we're excited to share one of our favorite thread storage and organization solutions: Floss Away Bags!

Floss Away Bags are just what they sound like: a great way to put away your floss and other fibers. They're small ziplock bags, that come hole punched and organized on a handy metal ring. 

After you've cut and opened a new skeined thread like Pepper Pot or Vineyard Silk, it can be tricky to know how to keep the fibers organized between projects. Floss Away Bags are a great option! Simply put each color and label inside a bag and your thread will stay clean and tidy. Tuck them away when you're done until your next project. Then you'll know exactly what each fiber is when you get ready to start stitching. 

Floss Away bags are handy to help organize a current work in progress. Put all your fibers for your current work in progress on the handy metal loop. Then keep it in your stitching bag. No more wondering where you misplaced a thread! To make the bags go even farther, put your hole punched Rainbow Gallery cards right on the loop and save the bags for your cut threads. 

For just $13 you get 100 3 x 5" bags!
Plus you can buy extra rings by clicking here. 

We love floss away bags and know you will too! 
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February 16, 2022 — KC Needlepoint