What's the difference between all these fuzzy threads?
Fuzzy, fluffy, you name it! No matter the texture you want to achieve, we've got just the thread for your next project at KC Needlepoint. 

We see customers looking at fuzzy threads in our retail store, but they're scared to try them out on a project because they can't visualize what they'll look like in the canvas. This blog post aims to demystify all the fuzzy threads out there so you feel confident stitching with them. 

Be sure to compare threads above and take a good look at the stitched examples. This should help you determine which thread might be right for you!


Wisper is the thinnest of the fuzzy threads. As a result, it is really designed for 18 count canvas. As the name suggests, it has a light wispy texture to it. 
You can blend it with a thin wool like Bella Lusso to add a little extra fluff to the texture, or double the thread for a fuller coverage look on 18 count canvas. 

Alpaca 18:

Alpaca is really the most tame of the fuzzy threads. It has a lightly "fluffy" texture and comes in tons of beautiful, natural colors. Check out this thread for gorgeous grays and browns. This makes it a great choice for animal fur. Alpaca 18 can be used on both 18 and 13 count canvas. 

Angora is a thick fuzzy thread that is intended for 13 count canvas. It is too thick to be used to Basketweave on 18 count. It has a very natural look to it. Try for Santa's Suit or a fluffy bunny tail. 

Fuzzy Stuff:
Fuzzy Stuff is a synthetic fuzzy thread. As a result you will get some crazy colors in this thread that you won't find in other fuzzy thread lines. It also has one of the brightest whites of the fuzzy threads. This thread can be used on both 18 and 13 count canvas (although you may need to double the thread on 13 depending on your tension. 

Arctic Rays is one of the craziest thread on the needlepoint market. The thread is made of Nylon and has wispy bits of fringe that hang off of it. Use the thread sparingly, but it gives an effect you won't find elsewhere. It is easiest used on 13 count canvas. You'll see the texture of the thread more if you do long stitches with it. If the wispy bits get stuck in the canvas as you stitch, you can fluff them up  after the fact with you finger. Try it for the center of a flower.

Threadworx Legacy:
Threadworx Legacy is comparable to Arctic Rays. It also has long wispy threads that hang off of it. The one fun difference with Legacy is that it is an overdyed thread, meaning it is slightly multicolored. 
As always, try our favorite fuzzy threads on your next project. Tag us on Instagram @kcneedlepoint to share your progress with us. Or leave us a comment below to tell us which is your favorite. We can't wait to hear what you think!


July 26, 2021 — KC Needlepoint


Kathy M

Kathy M said:

Great descriptions of each fuzzy thread and super stitching advice too. More articles like this please.

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