Why we love magnetic paperclips!
There's a new product in our store that we just can't get enough of! Introducing magnetic paperclips... our latest needlepoint obsession. If you've never used them before, you'll be amazed how versatile and handy these little gadgets are. If you take one and open it up, you will see that it is made up of a pair of magnets, connected together and coated in plastic. There are so many different ways to use them!

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First, try using them to hold your needle, by simply slipping together around the edge of your canvas. They are really quite strong! We've used them to hold scissors, metal laying tools and even beading cases! As a bonus, if you prefer stitching without stretcher bars, we find these are some of the best needle minders out there, since they aren't as heavy as some other designs. 

Secondly, use them as a traditional paperclip to hold your stitch guide together! You can also use these paperclips to clip your stitch guide diagram page to your canvas if you are learning a new stitch. Then you have it right there ready to reference and two hands free to stitch!

Third of all, they can even be wrapped around a cut skein of fiber to hold your stands and tag together. 

We like them so much, we had them made with our logo, and they are available in pink, green, yellow and our personal favorite- blue! Keep them in every stitching bag so you're never without them. Try these handy gadgets out and you'll certainly see why they're a needlepoint essential!

November 07, 2023 — KC Needlepoint

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