We can't get enough of the Boo Boo Brush!
If you've been reading these blog posts for a while, you know that we LOVE a good tool here at KC Needlepoint. Today we're sharing another personal favorite with you all: the Boo Boo Brush!

Removing stitches is easy with the help of the Boo Boo Brush. The Boo Boo Brush is best used on larger areas of thread removal, which makes it different from the Unstitcher we recently shared- which is great for picking out smaller areas of stitching.

To use the Boo Boo Brush, begin by flipping your canvas over so you are looking at the back of the stitching that you want to frog (rip out). Take a sharp pair of embroidery scissors and carefully begin to clip the thread you want to remove.

Next, examine the Boo Boo Brush. You will see that there are two different thicknesses to the brushes on the ends. A larger diameter brush with longer bristles and a smaller diameter brush with shorter courser bristles. 
To remove the clipped threads, begin by taking the longer end of the Boo Boo Brush and rubbing it in a circular motion on the canvas to pull out the bulk of the cut fiber. Next, use the thinner courser end to pull out the remainder of the cut thread. This side is more aggressive, so do your best to remove as much of the thread as possible with the first side. Lastly, you can flip your canvas over so that you are looking at the front of the design to remove any remaining thread. Work gently so you don't damage the front of the design- and be careful around any areas you are not cutting out. 

For only $9, the Boo Boo Brush can't be beat! Tuck it in your accessory bag and the next time you need to frog, you'll love that you have it on hand, ready to go!


October 23, 2023 — KC Needlepoint