What's in our stitching bag?
There are so many tools on the market for needlepointing, it's hard to know what's really worth it without a personal recommendation from someone who has used them.

Enter the brand new Stitching Essentials Bag. The team at KC Needlepoint have  rounded up the accessories that we truly can't live without in our stitching bags. We put together a bundle that would be great to tuck in your purse and take on the go. That way you know you have everything you need every time you sit down to stitch. Not to mention, it's a fantastic present for any stitcher in your life. The best part is... it's only $50!

Read on to learn about each item and see why they made the cut! 
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1. A great pair of scissors:

I think we can all agree that there's nothing worse than using the wrong pair of scissors when you're stitching.

When it comes to needlepoint or any fiber art, a sharp pair of small scissors is key! (Try to cut a waste knot off your canvas with a pair of kitchen sheers...) Using scissors with too large a blade means you can't be accurate with your cuts and increases the likelihood you'll cut something you don't want to like your stitches or even worse- the canvas itself. 

These little scissors are fabulous. They are small and let me tell you... they are sharp! They also come with a protective sheath. 

Pro tip: Only use your needlepoint scissors to cut threads. Tempting as it may be to use them on other things, you will dull the blades faster if you do. 

2. A needle threader:

Regardless of how experienced a stitcher you are or how great your eyesight is, having a needle threader tucked in your bag can come in handy. Some threads (particularly strandable fibers and wools) can be tricky. Sometimes they just don't want to cooperate to go through the eye of the needle. 

We like this threader because it's a little more robust than others. It has a nice "handle"- so it is easier to hold. 

Pro tip: Never used a needle threader before? It's easy. Take your unthreaded needle and slide the threader through the eye of the needle itself. Place your thread through the hole in the end of the threader. Pull the threader back out of the eye of the needle. As you remove it, the tool will pull the thread through. Now your needle will be threaded and you can start stitching.  

3. A logo magnet:

You can never have too many magnets in your stash. They are so handy to keep track of your needles when you're not stitching and can also be used to hold other working threads out of the way while you work on another area of the canvas. 

We love our logo magnets because they have such a large flat surface and a powerful magnet on the back. It will even hold the purple scissors included in this kit!

Pro tip: Your magnet will also attach to the brass tacks on your stretcher bars if you want it further out of the way on your canvas.  

4. Floss Away Bags:

A true necessity! These inexpensive bags are a stitching must have. They attach to the ring provided and are so helpful for keeping track of threads that come on a "skein" (as opposed to a card) that have to be cut to be worked with. (Think Pepper Pot, Vineyard Silk, DMC etc. These bags keep all your strands organized together. The bags also help to protect them from getting dirty, rubbing and pilling in your stitching bag. Trust us when we say they are a real necessity. 

Pro tip: When you put your threads in your Floss Away Bags be sure to hang on to the label that came on them so you never forget what thread you were working with and know what dye lot it is. 

5. Canvas Pouch:

We're obsessed with these canvas pouches. You've probably seen our wine tote and our beach bag projects this year which have a similar feel. The canvas tote is really a two for one! Not only will it store all your stitching essentials, but you can actually appliqué a 3.5" round (or comparably sized canvas) to the side of it to personalize it and make it your own. A fun alternative way to finish a stitched piece. The bag is 7" x 11" x 3."

Pro tip: We have a finisher on staff who can finish this project for you. The pouch is also adorable without anything on it. 

We hope that you've loved learning more about our favorite accessories. Click here to shop our Stitching Essentials Bag to get all of these goodies for only $50... You'll be so glad that you did!

October 01, 2021 — KC Needlepoint