Tiny Stitches for Tiny Canvases
Whenever you are picking a stitch for an area, it is important to consider the size and scale of the stitch. If you pick too large of a stitch for a small area, the pattern won’t read clearly when stitched into the canvas. You need to select a stitch that you can get several repetitions of the pattern in that particular area of color. Customers are always asking what stitches they can use on small canvases since each area is so tight. It got us thinking… why not share our favorite teeny tiny stitches with you all today on the blog! 

KC Needlepoint Tiny Stitches
Stitch-Its angels are one of our most popular series' here at KC Needlepoint. They're the perfect "quick stitch" project. (You could definitely still sneak a few in before the finishing deadline!) As soon as we get a new order in, they seem to fly right back out of the store! Getting them back from the finisher is even more fun with their adorable big bows acting as wings. The stitches below will work especially well on these teeny tiny canvases. 

KC Needlepoint Angels

Upright Cross Stitch

Just because you have a small area on a canvas doesn’t mean you can’t still add some fun pattern. One of our favorite “tiny stitches” is Upright Cross Stitch. It makes a bumpy texture on the canvas. Think of this stitch like a little “plus sign” on the canvas. Both the horizontal and vertical stitch span over two canvas threads. As much as possible, try to be consistent whether the horizontal or vertical “arm” of the cross falls on top as you stitch. Rows are staggered in this stitch so it will feel like your stitches are very close to each other as you stitch. 
KC Needlepoint Upright Cross Stitch
Cross Stitches

Sometimes the simplest stitches can have a big impact. In lieu of adding beads or French Knots, try Cross Stitches for eyes, buttons, polka dots and jewelry. Because the Cross Stitch has two stitches in one canvas intersection, it will stand up off the canvas slightly. This helps ensure that some of the most important tiny details don’t get lost in the rest of the stitching!

KCNeedlepoint Cross Stitch
Vertical Kalem Stitch

This is always a staff favorite for clothing! It produces a knitted effect in the canvas, so it works well for sweaters, scarves and winter hats. It's very realistic!

Kalem Stitch is worked in Vertical Rows, and you will notice that your stitches don’t fall on a “true diagonal”- they are steeper. Think about trying to make tiny “points” that come together. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll use this one time and time again.

As a bonus, you can rotate the stitch 90 degrees and work it horizontally instead of vertically! 

KC Needlepoint Kalem Stitch

Below you’ll find lots of our favorite canvases with small spaces. Try these stitches out and share photos of them with us on Instagram by tagging us @kcneedlepoint and #kcneedlepoint. We can’t wait to see your projects!

KC Needlepoint Canvases

Fuchsia Scarab
Turquoise Bee Scarab
Oyster and Pearl
Sneaker (Call shop to order)
Champagne Bottle (Call shop to order)

Anne Fisher Sled KC Needlepoint

Sled with lights
Sled with wreath
Sled with skate
May 21, 2021 — KC Needlepoint