Thread Magic... it's fantastic!
Thread Magic... it's fantastic!

If you've never heard of thread magic before you are missing out.
At first glance, Thread Magic might look like wax that you would use on beading thread, but it's actually not. Thread Magic is a thread conditioner. 

Thread Magic is designed to be used on all different types of needlepoint threads, but is particularly helpful to use on natural fibers like cottons, silks and wool. Thread Magic is used to help prevent wearing and fraying as you stitch with the fiber and pull it back and forth through the canvas. It will help your threads last longer as you stitch and help prevent tangling. Get ready for an overall easier stitching experience. 

We particularly like using Thread Magic on strandable threads. Once you have separated out the number of ply (individual fibers) you are planning on using to stitch with, run the plied thread through the Thread Magic as a group. It will help the individual plies lay neatly together as you stitch. It makes a big difference!

Thread Magic is not sticky, and it won't melt in your sewing bag. It doesn't leave any residue on the canvas either. What are you waiting for? Give Thread Magic a try today!

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June 15, 2022 — KC Needlepoint