Stitch with us this 4 July with this free stitch guide!
The 4th of July is finally here! We're getting excited for barbecues, fireworks, time with friends and family and of course... a relaxing weekend full of stitching! There is nothing better than stitching seasonally, so we've picked out the perfect canvas for you! We've stitched it up and today we're sharing a free stitch guide for it on our blog!
If you’ve never used a stitch guide before, they are a great way to try out some new stitches and maybe even some new fibers. We took the time to stitch the project for you so that you can be sure that all the stitches will work and fill the canvas beautifully with different textures! Stitch guides take all the stress out of putting those first stitches in your canvas. Of course- they are just guides- so if you want to substitute a different thread or use a very favorite stitch- go for it! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. We will have lots more guides coming your way in the next few months, so check the blog frequently and subscribe to our emails to stay up to date on all the fun we’re having at KC Needlepoint!

If you happen to already have this Thorn Alexander design in your stash, pull it out! If you don't already own the canvas, we've created a limited number of kits for it that are in stock and ready to ship. 

We can't wait for you to stitch along with us! Below are the materials you will need. 

Planet Earth-Pepper Pot Silk
#002 Salt  Quantity 1
#177 Scuba Quantity 1 
#203 Commodore Quantity 1
Rainbow Gallery  
Silk Lamé Braid #SL99 Quantity 1 
Neon Rays Plus #NP63 Quantity 1
Let's get started stitching!
Blue Border  
Pepper Pot Silk #203 Tent Stitch  1 Thread

If you’ve never heard of Tent Stitch before, it’s just another term for the most basic needlepoint stitch. You can work this section in either Basketweave or Continental Stitch- whichever is more comfortable for you!

Thin Turquoise Line  
Pepper Pot Silk #177 Tent Stitch  1 Thread

Wavy Turquoise Line  
Pepper Pot Silk #177 Horizontal Elongated Cross Stitch 1 Thread
Vertical Elongated Cross Stitch  1 Thread
Overlapping Elongated Cross Stitch for Corners 1 Thread

The four corners should be stitched in Overlapping Elongated Cross Stitch using 1 thread of Pepper Pot Silk #177. 
The horizontal portions of the wavy line should be stitched in Horizontal Elongated Cross Stitch over 3 using 1 thread of Pepper Pot Silk #177. 
The vertical portions of the wavy line should be stitched in Vertical Elongated Cross Stitch over 3 using 1 thread of Pepper Pot Silk #177. 

White Background  
Pepper Pot Silk #002 Woven Stitch  1 Thread

Blue Anchors  
Silk Lamé Braid #SL99 Tent Stitch  1 Thread

Turquoise Circles  
Pepper Pot Silk #177 Overlapping Cross Stitch 1 Thread

Light Blue Hearts  
Neon Rays Plus #NP63 Rhodes Heart 1 Thread

Any time you hear the word "Rhodes" in reference to a needlepoint stitch, this should be a clue that we will be layering stitches on top of each other. There are a million different variations on Rhodes Stitches- they can be done as squares, circles, ovals and even stars! Today we'll be doing a Rhodes Heart. 

Pay careful attention to the numbering as you work. The count for each heart is exactly the same- so once you have done one, you will be able to do them all. 

As always, if there’s a stitch in here that you’re not comfortable with or isn’t a personal favorite, feel free to change it up! If you decide that decorative stitches aren’t for you, all the threads in your kit can be used to Basketweave the project. 

Be sure to treat yourself to this July 4 kit today and start stitching. S
titch with us and share your progress on social media by tagging us @KCNeedlepoint and using #KCNeedlepoint on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you do with it!
Happy 4 July and Happy Stitching!

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July 02, 2021 — KC Needlepoint