Stitch with LOVE this June! A free stitch guide is here!
Happy June! We're delighted to unveil a brand new FREE stitch guide on the blog. Stitch with love this month, and learn six new decorative stitches while you're at it!

This LOVE round is by brand new KCN Designers artist Moo Moo Designs. With its big open rainbow stripes, this design was just begging for some fun stitches. We're sharing the love and sharing it with you today. 
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Below are the threads you will need:
Pepper Pot Silk- 1 card each color:
#002- Salt
#017- Chili
#099- Jelly Bean
#131- Prune
#218- Zest
#227- Oswego
#246- Sunset
Stitch Guide:

Area 1: LOVE- lettering
Stitch: Tent Stitch 
Thread: Pepper Pot Silk #002- Salt- 1 Strand 

Area 2: Red Stripe 
Stitch: T-Stitch 
Thread: Pepper Pot Silk #017- Chili- 1 Strand 

Area 3: Orange Stripe 
Stitch: Bargello Stripe 
Thread: Pepper Pot Silk #246- Sunset-1 Strand 

Area 4: Yellow Stripe 
Stitch: Diagonal Mosaic Stitch 
Thread: Pepper Pot Silk #218- Zest- 1 Strand 

Area 5: Green Stripe
Stitch: Skip Tent Stitch 
Thread: Pepper Pot Silk #099- Jelly Bean- 1 Strand 

Area 6: Blue Stripe 
Stitch: Scotch Stitches 
Thread: Pepper Pot Silk #227- Oswego- 1 Strand 

Area 7: Purple Stripe
Stitch: Vertical Elongated Satin Columns
Thread: Pepper Pot Silk #131- Prune- 1 Strand 

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May 31, 2024 — KC Needlepoint