Self finish your Planet Earth Key Chain like a pro!
They sold out once, and they'll sell out again! Planet Earth's new key fobs are one of the hottest items in our shop right now! Believe us when we say... we can't keep them in stock. 

Now that we're past the finishing deadlines, everyone is looking for unique needlepoint gifts that they can still get completed in time for the holidays. Look no further than our Planet Earth Key Chains. We have lots of exclusive designs, only available at KC Needlepoint. 

Key chains are quick projects. This particular canvas took us less than an hour to stitch- start to finish. Unheard of! They're also a fabulous way to stitch through your stash. If you're anything like us, you're bound to have a few strands of everything you need right in your stitching bag! Plus the finishing is easy as can be. The best part is... you can do it yourself!  

Below you'll find our expert instructions to finish your own key chain like a pro!

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1. Key Fob
2. Stitched Design
3. Sharp Scissors
4. Dull Bread Knife (just grab one out of your kitchen drawer!)

Cut your canvas down to about two canvas threads all the way around the design. There's no need to be afraid! You won't hurt the design. Just make sure to leave a few canvas threads between the edge you cut and the edge of the canvas. 

Use your scissors to score a line across the paper inside the key fob. As you peel it back you will expose a sticky layer. This is what helps your canvas stay in place inside your key chain. 

Line the design up with the opening and ensure it is centered. 

Use your bread knife to gently lift the leather up. This will make it easier to slip the design inside the key chain. 

Your knife will also come in handy as you insert the canvas into the leather. Work your way around the edge of the circle. 

And Voila! You've done it! Congrats on finishing your own key chain- and it couldn't have been easier. Now you're ready to gift it to a friend, family member or add it to your own keys!

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October 06, 2021 — KC Needlepoint