An elegant stitch we use over and over again: Rice Stitch
There are lots of options for stitching squares in your canvas... Scotch Stitches, Mosaic Stitches, Rhodes Squares... but one of the most overlooked stitches for squares seems to be the Rice Stitch! We're excited to give this wonderful stitch a little extra love and share it with you today. 

We find ourselves coming back to it constantly because it makes a beautiful border. Rice Stitch is a little more ornate than a Scotch Stitch would be, so it is wonderful on large open areas where you can really let the stitch shine!

Rice Stitch is made up of a Cross Stitch spanning over four canvas intersections that is then tied in the corners with a stitch over two. It can be worked all in one thread, or for added interest, try doing the tied stitches in a different fiber. The example above is done in Pepper Pot Silk- one of our go to threads. 

Depending on the fiber you use, you may see a small amount of open canvas through the diagonal stitches. For a fuller coverage look, try using a wider flat ribbon like Fyre Werks, Neon Rays, Neon Rays Plus or Sparkle Rays!

For more stitch inspiration, check out The Stitch Vault. A free resource available at your fingertips 24/7. Be sure to check back there often... you never know when we'll drop new stitches into The Stitch Vault. 

October 10, 2021 — KC Needlepoint