Needlepoint Barrettes- A Self Finishing Tutorial
Sara Trucksess of SCT Designs has done it again!

If you loved our recently released headband kits, you will love these new barrette kits just as much! Sara has designed several darling canvases with lots of festive holiday patterns: more tartans, holly berries and even menorahs. Plus cute blows, flowers and hearts for the rest of the year! Barrette Kits are self finishing, so you can get them stitched and finished in time to accessorize your holiday outfit. 

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Follow the step by step instructions below to finish your bow barrette kit. 

Barrette Canvas- Stitched
Extra thread for binding stitch
Barrette (included in kit)
Glue Gun

Step 1:
Gather your materials!
Follow the list above and grab all the materials you need. If you ordered a kit from KC Needlepoint, you already have all your supplies. 

Step 2:
Add your binding stitch!
The binding stitch should be added to all four sides of the canvas. If you are unfamiliar with the binding stitch, follow our tutorial on how to do it here!

Step 3:
Trim the canvas!
Once you have added the binding stitch, trim the canvas. You will want to cut the entire canvas down so that there is only (approximately) 3-4 rows of canvas exposed. This will mean that the interior mesh does not buckle on the underside of the canvas. At this point you should have an even, flat strip of needlepoint with just enough mesh left to add glue. 

Step 4:
Add your ribbon. 
Glue your ribbon to the underside of the needlepoint canvas using your glue gun. You will want to fold the edge of the ribbon under itself so that the cut edge is hidden. You will want to do the same thing at the other end of the canvas. You should now have one seamless piece of ribbon backed needlepoint canvas that is ready to be attached to the barrette. 

Step 5:
Tie a Knot!
This is the trickiest step. Take your canvas and tie an overhand knot in the center. Your knot should be oriented so that the flat side of the knot is on the back of the canvas. 

Step 6:
Attach the canvas to the barrette!
Center your knot on the top of your barrette and lightly glue it in place. You may have to repeat this step if it pops off during the folding process. Fold the length of one side of the canvas back so that it tucks under itself to make one side of the loop. Flip the tail back 180 degrees and bend it down and out at an angle away from the center knot to make a "tail."
Repeat on the other side. 

Ensure the entire project is glued to the barrette! 

Step 7:
Pull away any excess glue and try it on! 

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Thank you to Sara for allowing us to use her photos! 

November 15, 2021 — KC Needlepoint