It happens to us all: What to do when you miss a stitch
We've all been there. You're stitching along, and look back at your progress only to realize that you've missed a stitch. It happens to the best of us! Not to worry, even the most experienced of stitchers miss stitches. 

If you are less than an inch and a half from the missed stitch, and are still working with the same thread, simply jump back and catch the missed stitch. You can then drag the thread back to the spot you were previously working and keep stitching. It's as if nothing ever happened. 

But what do you do when you're farther away? Say you think you've finished your canvas, but you notice that you've missed a stitch before you're about to turn it in for finishing. You don't want to drag the thread a long distance to repair it- this will create unnecessary mess on the back of your canvas. There also may not be an easy place to start a new thread with a waste knot. 

Follow these simple steps to repair those pesky missed stitches. 
1. Find a strand of the color thread you need to repair the missed stitch. (We're demonstrating with a contrasting color so that it's easy to see what we're doing!)
2. Thread your needle and flip the canvas over. Run the thread under four or five stitches on the back of the canvas close to the hole you need to repair. This will secure the thread to the canvas. Try to do this horizontal/vertical with the canvas threads to ensure you don't disturb the stitches on the front of the canvas. 

3. Bring the thread up in the missed stitch and place the stitch in the canvas. 

4. With the thread on the back of the canvas, run your needle under four or five canvas threads to lock the working thread to the canvas. Trim off any excess fiber. 

5. Voila! The misses stitch is repaired and it's easy as can be! 

November 04, 2021 — KC Needlepoint