Missed a stitch? We've got you covered!
It happens! Everyone misses a stitch in their canvas from time to time. Fortunately checking for them just got a little easier. These magnifying domes are one of our must have stitching accessories. They're great for checking for small imperfections that are easily missed. 

Magnifying domes are the best tools for checking for missed stitches. Simply place the flat side of the magnifier on top of the canvas, and shift it over the top of the stitching, looking for empty intersections. It's so much easier to find them with the stitching enlarged! Then you can fill them in and finish or frame your canvas knowing it's in perfect shape. 

We now carry two different sizes. The larger size is about 3" in diameter and offers larger magnification. It is perfect for larger size canvases. The greater magnification lends itself to seeing missed stitches in darker colors and on smaller mesh counts.

We also carry a smaller 2" size. This smaller magnifier is a great size to tuck in your stitching bag and carry with you. It doesn't enlarge the stitching as much as the larger size, but it is more compact, lighter weight and definitely gets the job done. It's perfect to take on the go!

The small size also comes with a velvet carrying case to prevent chips and scratches. 

We have lots of magnifiers in stock and ready to ship to you today! Add one to your bag of stitching tools. You'll be so glad you did! 

September 21, 2022 — KC Needlepoint

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