Magnificent Magnets: Get the low down on everything you need to know!
Magnets! Everyone's favorite accessory! If you've never used a magnet on your canvas, let us be the first to tell you... you're missing out!

Magnets are wonderfully simple, but make such a difference when you are stitching.

Magnets are also sometimes referred to as "needle minders" because they are a simple way to keep track of your needle when you put down your project. If you work on stretcher bars, needle minders will keep you from struggling to put your needle through the canvas. They can also be used to hold threads out of the way while you stitch with a different color, so you don't have to end your thread or worry about it getting tangled up in your stitching.

When you open up your needle minder, you will see it is made up of two magnets. Place the "design" magnet on the front of your canvas, and the plain one on the back of the canvas. We have lots of different magnets in stock to choose from that are great for different purposes. Read on to learn more!

KCN Designers just got a huge shipment of brand new magnets in stock to match some of their best selling designs! These large designer magnets include favorites like Cecil the Lion, Don't Postpone Joy, and the Holiday Elephant. We love these magnets because they are strong and robust enough to keep track of a small, lightweight pair of embroidery scissors. 

If you've never used a magnet before, try our gemstone magnets! They come in lots of fun colors. They're significantly smaller than a regular magnet, but come in at a great price point! They will easily hold a needle or two. Order one for every project! 

Lastly, these fun paperclip magnets are fantastic! Place one half of the magnet on the front of your canvas and the other on the back. They are designed to go on the edge of your canvas and hold your stitch guide in place. Another nifty and inexpensive tool to help improve your stitching experience. 

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You'll be glad you added these fun accessories to your tool bag! 
April 26, 2022 — KC Needlepoint

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