A brand new series and some stitch inspiration is here!
This series by Jessica Lehane was released this past market and they've been flying out of the shop. It's easy to understand why though. These precious snowmen are just 3.5" x 4.5" on 18 count canvas. They zip right by as you stitch and are an easy size to toss in your purse if you like to stitch on the go. If you're in a needlepoint rut and need a fun, easy to tackle project, this series is for you. Plus... did we mention they are only $35 each?

There are so many fun designs... there is truly a snowman for everyone. If you stitch an annual ornament for your children, friends or grandchildren, this is a great series to consider. While there are lots of traditional options: Frosty holding a wreath, present or ice skates... there are lots more whimsical options too! Frosty also likes to play tennis, golf, and even visit the beach!

Read on to learn three fun snow stitches that you can use on any of these designs. 

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Diagonal Mosaic:

If you're new to decorative stitches, Diagonal Mosaic is a great stitch to try. This is always one of the first decorative stitches we recommend. Once you get the hang of it, it's fairly mindless to do. Plus it looks great in Silk Lamé Braid or the new Silk Lamé Plus. 

Woven Stitch:

This is a slightly trickier stitch, but is another great small space stitch to add to your toolbox. Woven Stitch is a beautiful stitch that looks like it is interlocking. Try it in Neon Rays to give your snowman a shiny, icy look!

Nobuko Stitch:

This is another great staple stitch to add to your repertoire. You will use Nobuko time and time again. Although it is made up of diagonally slanting stitches, you should work it in horizontal rows. Try it in Pepper Pot Silk for a more traditional look if you don't want too much sparkle on your canvas. 

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Stitch one... or stitch them all!

April 20, 2022 — KC Needlepoint