Just because it's an "ornament" canvas doesn't mean you have to limit yourself!
Let's face it... we've all stitched plenty of ornaments! They're a wonderful addition to any tree and a festive and unique way to celebrate any holiday. But, today we're hoping to give you some inspiration and a way to look at ornament canvases with a fresh set of eyes. Just because a design is labeled as an "ornament" doesn't mean you have to limit yourself and your finishing choices. 

Read on to learn all about our top five alternate finishing ideas for ornaments!

Appliqué on a bag

We love this as an alternate finishing option. It really takes your ornaments from one season to a project you can use and enjoy all year round. We have fun makeup bags, wine totes and more to choose from. 

Finish as a coaster

Coasters are another fun and practical finishing choice especially for rounds. 

Pro Tip: We usually recommend stitching coasters in wool and basketweave for durability!

Use as an insert for a jewelry box top

We have lots of self finishing jewelry boxes to choose from! Make sure your project fits in the leather box at the time you purchase it! We have both square and round boxes in a variety of sizes.

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Appliqué on a pillow

Similarly to the way we can appliqué an ornament on to a bag, we can also appliqué one to a pillow! This is a nice way to make it feel like you've created a larger more substantial project than just adding another ornament to your tree!

Turn it into a stand up! 

Even though they are round, ornaments can still be turned into stand-ups or easel backs! 

Comment below and let us know what you're planning to do with your ornaments!

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January 13, 2022 — KC Needlepoint