Do not disturb... unless you have fun stitches!
One of our favorite new arrivals from market is now on the website. We're excited to share the new "Do not disturb" series from SCT Designs. It doesn't get much cuter than this! The series is extensive and full of fun phrases like "Do not disturb... unless you have tacos, wine, fuzzy slippers" and so much more.

One of our favorite background stitches works really well for this fun series. If you look closely at the canvases, you will see that they have fun pale blue stripes. One of the best stitches for stripes is called a Horizontal Slanted Gobelin Stitch. It's easy to do! This stitch will span over two canvas threads horizontally and up one canvas thread vertically. This is why it's known as "2 over 1." Gobelin stitches are great stitches for single lines. They add texture without overwhelming the design. Try it for the blue stripes in Pepper Pot Silk. It will be darling!

Below is a diagram for the stitch. 

For the larger light blue area, try a simple Vertical Brick Stitch. This is a great choice because it will be easy to compensate around the rest of the design. Brick Stitches are typically vertical or horizontal straight stitches that span over two canvas threads. 

You can find a diagram for Vertical Single Brick Stitch below:

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November 20, 2021 — KC Needlepoint