Charts for Charity 2021
We are so excited that Charts for Charity is back this year! 

What is Charts for Charity? Charts for Charity is an initiative started by a group of designers within the needlepoint community with the goal of making needlepoint more accessible, all the while raising money for some wonderful causes this holiday season. 

Artists release digital downloads on their website for a small donation. Charts are available through the holiday season (check each designer's website for their timeline), after which will be retired and money will be donated to their respective charity. 

If you do not have a local needlepoint shop, we have put together bundles of 8x8 squares of bound 18 or 13 count canvas and needle. They are available on our website here! You can shop for the threads you need online here. 

Below you'll find many of the charts available this holiday season. 

SCT Designs is raising money for Amethyst Place (a cause near and dear to our hearts. Find her chart for this Holiday Dove by clicking here. 

Morgan Julia Designs is raising money for the National Ability Center.
Shop her Ski Shot chart online here. 

Jenny Henry Designs is raising money for Feeding America.
Shop her Pagoda Snow Globe chart by clicking here. 

Stitch Style Needlepoint is raising money for Team Red White and Blue.
Shop her Blue and White Festive Bouquet online by clicking here. 

Fire and Iris is raising money for the National Forest Foundation. 
Shop her design here. 

Clutch Needlepoint is raising money for the Equestrian Aid Foundation. 
Find her chart by messaging her through Instagram. 

Mopsey Designs is supporting SAGE. Shop her Peace round here. 

EG Stitches is supporting Feeding America. Shop her Martini Chart online here. 

Oz Needle and Thread is supporting the Natural Resources Defense Council. Shop her earth ornament chart through her Instagram. 

G. Banks Needlepoint is raising money for the American Cancer Society and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. You can shop her chart for charity through her Instagram. 

Ann Kaye Studio is supporting Fisherman's Mark Social Services. Shop her design here. 

The Salty Stitcher Needlepoint is supporting Horizons at Foote. Her polar bear charts are available here. 

Jessica Tongel is supporting any charity that supports food for the needy. You can order through her Instagram here. 

Shop the materials you need to stitch your Chart for Charity online here!

(If you are an artist who would like to have your Chart for Charity featured on this list, send Jinny of Stitch Style a message on Instagram here.)
November 19, 2021 — KC Needlepoint