We're just crazy for Very Velvet!
Very Velvet... where to begin? Every stitcher needs some Very Velvet in their stash. It's one of our favorite threads at KC Needlepoint!

Very Velvet is just what it sounds like... a thread with a velveteen texture. It comes on a white card and is manufactured by Rainbow Gallery.
One important thing to note. Very Velvet comes in two different weights (or thicknesses). The first is regular "Very Velvet." It is thicker and is intended for 13 count canvases.

The second is "Petite Very Velvet." It is thinner, but is designed to give you full coverage on 18 count canvas. 

It's helpful to know that the colors correspond across the two sizes, but the numbers begin in the 200s for 13 count and the 600s for 18 count. (Technically speaking you can use the 18 count thread on 13 count if you have looser tension!)

Why do we love this thread so much? It's simple! If you're a big "Christmas Stitcher" this is a must have. Very Velvet has the most beautiful reds for Santa's Suit on the market. Plus the soft velvety texture is the perfect fit for that area!

KC Needlepoint Very Velvet

Secondly, Velvet comes in gorgeous natural grey and browns- just perfect for Santa's reindeer and any other animals! 


Order yourself some Very Velvet today and start stitching. You'll be so glad you have this thread in your stash!

June 15, 2021 — KC Needlepoint



Joan said:

Can’t get enough of velvet. I use it for animal fur too


Elizabeth said:

This is one of my favorite threads to use too!!!

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