Pepper Pot and Essentials... skeins vs. cards!
If you spend much time on our website browsing for threads, you may have noticed that both Pepper Pot Silk and Planet Earth Essentials are now available on both cards and as skeins! Both of these fibers are two of our very favorites! They are great staples for any needlepoint project! We find ourselves reaching for them time and time again. 

Both Pepper Pot and Essentials come from a company called Planet Earth. Pepper Pot is a 100% silk fiber that can be used on both 18 count and 13 count canvas with slightly looser tension. Essentials is designed for use on 18 count. It is slightly thinner than Pepper Pot and is made of a blend of wool and silk. Both lines contain over two hundred colors, so there is a huge selection to choose from!

We are excited to now be able to offer both Pepper Pot and Essentials both as 30 yard skeins and as 10 yard cards. This is particularly handy if you are stitching an ornament that just has a few stitches of a color and you don't want to have to buy a full skein of thread. 

The general rule of thumb to use when deciding whether to order cards or skeins of Pepper Pot or Essentials is that 3 cards make up one skein of thread. Cards hold 10 yards of thread whereas skeins contain 30 yards. If you think you will use more than two cards of a particular color, it will be more cost effective to purchase skeins!
You can't go wrong choosing either of these threads for your next needlepoint project! Both Pepper Pot and Essentials are staples that we recommend to both beginner and advanced stitchers time and time again. Try it out on your next canvas today- you'll be so glad you did!

May 11, 2023 — KC Needlepoint

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