Our favorite techniques for working with Straw Silk
Straw Silk... a fiber unlike anything else. We can't get enough of the unique texture it produces in the canvas. 

Straw Silk is a great "accent thread" meaning, you probably wouldn't want to stitch a whole canvas in it... but it's a real stand out when you want to add extra texture!

This thread is wonderful for trees, leaves, wood, wicker- anything with a "natural" look to it. They even have some beautiful blues for water and sky and a gorgeous white for snow (called "Cirrus Cloud")

Straw Silk can be used on both 13 and 18 count canvas without a problem. If it's too thick on 18 count, you can consider splitting the thread in half down the middle and basketweaving with it. 

One of our favorite techniques for it is to do long and short stitches for tree bark. This is a technique that doesn't diagram well, as you will want to use the painting on the canvas as a guide for where you place your stitches. Take a look at the example below in our new Bauble Stocking Kit. 

You can even use it for some very cool Turkey Work! 
Don't delay, treat yourself to a few skeins today and play around with this fun fiber today. You'll be delighted that you did! 
August 18, 2021 — KC Needlepoint


Lexi Byers

Lexi Byers said:

I love stitching with Straw Silk! The colors are fabulous and the sheen of the straw provides a beautiful depth to the canvas. Long stitches/satin stitches show off the straw best. I have only used it on 13 mesh so far and hope it will wear well. Don’t just use this for “straw” as it is much more versatile than using just for tree bark. I agree that I wouldn’t do an entire canvas with this fiber but as an accent, it is incomparable! KCN is the best!

Toby Moss

Toby Moss said:

This is a fabulous thread that I use for heavily textured pieces. It does very well with decorative stitches and have never needed to split it when stitching on 18 mesh. My only issue with this thread is how the company packages it in extremely long strips. Because of its texture, it can be a bear to store. I cut all the threads and then loop them onto a heavy-duty index card that has holes cut with a hole puncher. Yes, each card may have 3 or 4 holes. The threads are then placed in a 14" box. No tangles!


Sammy said:

This is my favorite thread. I just used it for leaves. Thanks for the tips. I order from you all the time.

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