This stitch is a showstopper: Star Octagon Stitch
Some stitches are just too gorgeous not to try on a canvas... and today we're sharing one on our blog! 

Star Octagon Stitch is a real stand out stitch! It's a stitch made up of two parts (any stitch made up of multiple parts is called a "composite stitch)":

1. The first part is a variation on a Diagonal Mosaic Stitch worked in an octagon pattern.

2. The stitch is topped off with a Smyrna Cross Stitch that fits inside part 1 of the stitch. (Shown below in the diagram in purple!)

As with any stitch made up of multiple parts, we recommend stitching one element of the stitch at a time. In this case, work part #1 of the stitch in its entirety and then come back and add part two. Take a look at the photo above to see what we mean! This version was stitched in Pepper Pot Silk and Silk Lamé Braid... two of our favorite fibers!

(As an added bonus… if you like the way the stitch looks with just the diamond pattern in the canvas, you don’t HAVE to add the Smyrna Cross in… it can be left with an open area in the center of the stitch!)

KC Needlepoint Star Octagon Stitch

If you’ve never done a Smyrna Cross Stitch before, it’s a great one to use for any two canvas thread by two canvas thread square on your canvas. It is essentially a “plus sign” or Upright Cross Stitch, layered on top of a Cross Stitch over two canvas threads. Take a look at the diagram below for more information. 

KC Needlepoint Smyrna Cross Stitch

This stitch can be worked all in one thread, in two different colors or even “tone on tone” with one sparkly and one matte thread in the same color. The possibilities are truly endless!

To use this stitch on the canvas, you will want to make sure you have a large enough area that you can get several repeats of the pattern in so that it reads clearly when you look at it!

Below we've picked out a few canvases that we think this stitch would look amazing on!
Try this stitch out on your next project and share it with us on Instagram using #kcneedlepoint and @kcneedlepoint. We love to have you stitch with us!
June 02, 2021 — KC Needlepoint


Marianne C Whitman

Marianne C Whitman said:

Thank you for having all the pepper pot silk same dye lot, for me, and then me finding your stitch pages, that you have an area free of all wonderful things for new stitches. I fell in love with two already, a lavendrr flower with pink middle, smyrna? Anyway loved that stitch will try using it when I figure where, have so many canvases to start, cannot decide yet, but thank you so very much forbtge new stitching tips. Wow, and I only saw 3 or 4 them. Am in Heaven, sort of. Just thank you. Promise you won’t remove stitches from online. Lol marianne


Dina said:

Am starting to do needlepoint again. Love to see how this turns out

Mary Lou Simpson

Mary Lou Simpson said:

This stitch looks so neat. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!!!

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