Save your fingers the struggle with these two helpful tools!
Depending on the size needle you are using and the fibers you are using, it can be problematic to pull your needle through your canvas. Flat ribbons and thick wools can be tricky to bring through the canvas- even when you are using them on the correct mesh count. When it comes to finishing off your threads, your needle can easily get stuck as you run it through the back of your stitching! If you ever have difficulty with either of these things, today's blog post is for you!

We are featuring two new remarkably simple products that can make a world of difference and help save your fingers the struggle.

The first tool is the Needle Tugger. The Needle Tugger is a thin piece of rubber tubing that slides on your stuck needle. The rubber tubing is far easier to grasp than a slippery metal needle. Once it is placed on the needle, it makes it far easier to hold and pull through the canvas. The needle tugger also has a handy magnetic attachment that connects to a clip so you can easily keep track of it. Clip this gadget to your favorite pair of scissors or a lanyard and you'll never be without it.

The second tool is the Needle Puller. It serves all the same purposes as the Needle Tugger, however it has a different makeup. The Needle Puller is a small round rubber disc. You can use it to wrap it around the stuck needle, grip it and pull it through. As simple as it is, it can make a world of difference!

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If you love having lots of gadgets in your tool box, try these out! We know you'll find them as handy as we do. 
September 05, 2023 — KC Needlepoint

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