Meet Polly and Carol, the owners of KC Needlepoint
Meet Polly Kramer and Carol Crowe, the owners of KC Needlepoint. Although they lived only two blocks away from each other in Kansas City, the two had never met each other before, back in 2014.

Both Carol and Polly had shopped at Sign of the Arrow in St. Louis for their canvases and threads for years. They both reached out to the shop- independently of each other- about opening stores of their own in Kansas City. Julie Filean, the manager of Sign of the Arrow, connected the pair and they immediately hit it off.

In January of 2015 they attended TNNA with Madonna Lewis who owns Cabbage Row in Charleston to get a better idea of everything that owning a shop entailed. Upon their return to Kansas City, they decided they truly wanted to make their mutual dream come true and dove straight in!

The pair found a location on Gregory Boulevard in Waldo which was perfect for a brick and mortar store… but the business grew quickly with the help of teacher Lale Verhulst and their other wonderful employees. In 2018 they moved just up the street to their current location. It gave them room to expand their offerings of classes and offered more work and storage space for inventory.

After getting the retail and online shop off the ground, and attending a few trade shows, Carol and Polly decided they would venture into the world of wholesale. In 2019 they launched KCN Designers: a vibrant wholesale line that represents over ten incredibly talented female artists. It has grown to include Thorn Alexander, SCT Designs, August Morgan, Bauble Stockings, Little Stitches Needlework, Hook and Harbor Co, Lo Harris, Mrs. Blandings and Susan Cowden Studio.

KC Needlepoint is part of the “100 Jobs for 100 Moms” program and have hired women from Amethyst Place to paint custom canvases for customers and help with other projects around the shop. Amethyst Place supports women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and their children. Their first local artist Marianne Ensz has taught many of these women to paint needlepoint canvases over the years. Three women currently work at KC Needlepoint and a total of six have come through the program over the years.

In June of 2021 KC Needlepoint celebrated six wonderful years in business. Without their amazing customers they wouldn’t be where they are today. They are so grateful for all of your support and can’t wait for everything that the future has in store!
September 28, 2021 — KC Needlepoint
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Mary Ann Ward

Mary Ann Ward said:

A wonderful story. Love ordering from you!! Always dependable.
All this time I was thinking KC was for Kansas City and then I saw your last name initials.

Jane Stevens

Jane Stevens said:

Bravo Carol and Polly. I’m so impressed with your online and social media marketing! Great job! I live in KC so I’ll be in to see you soon.

Julia B Callahan

Julia B Callahan said:

KCN has done the impossible for me, including repainting a 1943 pre-worked stool cover where the center threads had worn through. They included threads to help me restore the original colors. My mother had done the background according to the name and date on the underside.

Deborah Mickler

Deborah Mickler said:

Sending my thanks to a really great team. No matter the size of my order or the number of questions I have you all always so kind and accommodating.


Francie said:

So fun to see the faces and hear the story behind the best needlepoint store!

ELizabeth Myers

ELizabeth Myers said:

What a great story! I live in southern VA and you are my go-to online shop. Now love you even more for the wonderful impact you are having on your community!!


Betty said:

You seem to be doing everything right with running a business. Your online presence and willingness to help stitchers with free stitch information and free shipping is much appreciated. Customer service is top notch. Congratulations!

Silvi Millard

Silvi Millard said:

SO GLAD to “meet” y’all!! I wouldn’t have survived last year without all your KIND help sending my threads—and have continued ordering from you! THANKS SO VERY MUCH for EVERYTHING!! Keep up your EXCELLENT work!!! Silvi Millard, Dallas, Texas

Gloria Marrazza

Gloria Marrazza said:

Starting using you in 2020 when COVID hit. Lots of time for stitching and no stores open. What a blessing you have been during this trying time. Your story is inspirational. Good luck and God’s blessings going forward. Gigi (Gloria Marrazza-Sipos)


Elizabeth said:

Online shopping is not my preference but KC Needlepoint has made it an absolute pleasure during the pandemic. Their lightning quick shipping deserves recognition! I will continue to shop with them post-pandemic. Stellar customer service!


Toni said:

I love KCN. I discovered it online and they have a great selection of canvases and I let them pick out my threads and they do a wonderful job with that! I love their online stitch guide and everything else about them!

Constance Kassir

Constance Kassir said:

I do all my shopping on line as I live in Maryland. Kcn is the most accommodating and pleasant shop I’ve dealt with. Great selection of canvases! Thanks


Anna said:

Love learning more about your business. It’s my favorite needlepoint shop by far.

Suzanne Gold

Suzanne Gold said:

What an great story. It clearly was meant to be, it’s amazing when the stars align. It’s also wonderful to hear that you both have a commitment to your community. Your website has also become a great resource for stitching tips etc.Here’s to you continued success

Alice m

Alice m said:

What a heartwarming story.


Lindi said:

Thanks for sharing your story. Thank you also for your support of talented women who need some extra support from others. Congratulations on your venture and best wishes for your continued success.


Juliette said:

Sounds like it was meant to be! And what an amazing shop you’ve grown into.

Toye H Bailey

Toye H Bailey said:

Love the story. Can you give me some advice on where to learn to paint canvases?


Sally said:

An amazing story. I love shopping with you. KC Needlepoint has the best customer service. And the free shipping is a huge plus.

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