Let's talk finishing!

After all the time you've spent stitching your canvases, you may want to consider having a professional finisher finish your pieces. At KC Needlepoint we have lots of professional finishers at our fingertips to help you finish your projects to perfection! No matter whether you're finishing a standup, full size stocking, dog collar or anything else... we've got you covered!

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Mary Hodge! Mary is our new head of finishing. She has lots of wonderful ideas for your canvases. Not to mention she has impeccable taste! Mary works to coordinate to make sure everything gets to the right finisher and back to you safely! If you'd like to reach out to Mary or talk to her about a project, we have set up a new email for her:

If you have pieces you want to get finished for next year, go ahead and send them in. Don't wait until you have a big stack of things! The sooner we have your piece, the sooner we can send them out and get them back in your hands! While we have finishing deadlines this year, we have no guarantees they will be back if you turn them in right at the deadline. The sooner you turn in your canvases the better! 

Click to see our finishing dates. 

To have your canvas finished mail it to:
KC Needlepoint
Attn: Mary Hodge/Finishing
410 E. Gregory Street
Kansas City, MO

Please include your contact information and print and fill out this finishing form. 

We can't wait to help you make all your finishing dreams come true!
January 20, 2022 — KC Needlepoint