Introducing neck hung lights. A bright idea to up you stitching game!
If you're looking to up your stitching game, we have just the tool for you! Introducing our brand new neck hung lights! 

Whether you're hitting the road this summer and stitching on a plane or in the car, or simply stitching in the evening on your porch, this light is a must have. It's particularly great if you are the kind of needlepointer who likes to stitch in bed at night. 

The neck hung lamp does exactly what it sounds like- it hangs around your neck and frees up both hands to be able to stitch. It has three color modes- yellow, cool white and warm white, so you can adjust the brightness depending on the time of day and location where you are stitching! This light is also rechargeable and includes a charging cord. When you're not stitching, tuck the light in your bag! It's foldable, bendable and lightweight. The perfect addition to any stitcher's tool kit!

Best of all, the neck hung light is only $18. Order one or two and keep them in all the places you like to stitch; near the sofa, on your bedside table or right in your purse. 

Click here to order you own neck hung light and make stitching easier and more fun this summer!

July 05, 2023 — KC Needlepoint