Hit the road this summer and travel like a pro with your stitching!
Summer is just around the corner and we know what that means! Trips to the beach, lake, mountains and more! Whether you're riding in a car, on a train or catching a flight, it's always fun to have a needlepoint project with you to help pass the time. Today we're sharing all our tips for traveling with your needlepoint! Read on to get them all!

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We can't get enough of our new stitching lanyards. They are a must have stitching accessory whether you are traveling or just want to tuck one in your project bag. 

Each lanyard comes with a thread cutter and a needle threader. To use the thread cutter, simply take the piece of thread you want to cut and press it through the center of any of the divots on the round. This will cut the thread. Tie your handy lanyard in a slip knot around your purse or project bag and you're ready to hit the road!

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2. Precut your strands of thread

When we're traveling, we tend to have a little less real estate to work in than we would in our favorite stitching chair at home. This is why we recommend precutting your strands of thread. This is especially helpful when working with a skein of fiber (as opposed to a thread that came on a card). Then, as you stitch you can grab one thread at a time without any fuss!

3. Pack your project in a clear vinyl project bag. 

Whenever you're taking your project on the go, we always recommend making sure it is packed somewhere safe and secure. Our vinyl project bags are perfect for this! Not only do they keep everything you need in one place (no one wants to go searching for their scissors and thread when traveling!), they will also protect your project from spills, rain and general wear and tear as you carry it around in your bag!

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4. If you're flying, check the length of your scissors

According to the TSA website, when flying domestically you can certainly pack scissors in your carry on bag! The blades must be 4" or less from the pivot point on the scissors. Any scissors should be sheathed or packed away safely to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors. Be advised however, that the final decision whether an item can be carried through the checkpoint rests with the TSA officer. So, we recommend you leave your expensive scissors at home and pack a pair like these or these instead!
If traveling internationally, please know that other countries have different regulations. 

For the most up to date domestic information check out the TSA website here. 

5. If you need a project in a hurry, order a kit!

If you're headed out of town soon and looking for something that is ready to go, check out our selection of kits! We have tons of options under $100 to keep you entertained on the go! We especially love 13 count kits and canvases for travel. Bigger holes means that your project may be easier to see in a hotel room or in a rental where lighting might not be completely within your control!

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May 24, 2023 — KC Needlepoint