Get ready for the pool with these fun stitches for water!
Summer is coming! Do you have your summer stitching projects ready? We're back with another blog post this morning that will hopefully provide some inspiration for your next canvas! Today we're sharing two of our favorite water stitches. 
When it comes to water, there are so many fun stitches you can choose from. We recommend picking a stitch that fits the scale of the canvas you are stitching. For smaller areas we love Vertical Double Brick Stitch for water! It provides a small, simple pattern that mimics wave caps on the water. It's the perfect scale for ornaments. 

For a larger area any Bargello is a fun choice for water! It can be worked vertically or horizontally in the canvas, depending on the shape of the area you are trying to fill. Below you will find one of our favorite Bargello patterns: Bargello Points. Working the stitch horizontally will give the look of a calmer body of water, whereas using the stitch vertically will look choppier like waves! Play around with using it both ways and tell us which you prefer in the comments below!

There are so many fun decorative stitches out there to try. If you're looking for more inspiration for your next canvas, check out our free stitch library: The Stitch Vault. You'll find lots of diagrams and photos of stitched examples to help you on your next project! 

Click here to explore The Stitch Vault. 

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May 02, 2024 — KC Needlepoint