20% off this must have accessory in our August Trunk Show!
A new month means a new trunk show here at KC Needlepoint and this month we're switching things up a little bit. As opposed to having another canvas trunk show, this month we welcome Accoutrement Designs: one of our favorite magnet companies!

If you've never used a magnet or a "needle minder" on your canvas, you'll want to order one immediately. We really mean it when we say they are a stitching "must have." They do just what it sounds like they do: hold your needle when you're not stitching. They're so handy... and they're 20% off this month. 

When you look at a needle minder, you will see that it is made of two magnets. One fun decorative one, which is placed on top of the canvas and a second plane one which is placed on the back of the canvas. They stick together and stay in place. You can rest your needle and even your scissors (on some of the larger designs) when they are not in use. Once you try one, you quickly realize you need one on every project. 

To shop, you will have to call the shop at 816-599-7331. 
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We also have lots of fun needle cases as you can see in the photo above! A beading case has a magnetic surface on the inside top lid to keep track of your needles. It also has a soft, sticky surface on the inside base. You can pour beads in here when you're beading and it makes them a million times easier to keep track of as you try and pick them up to attach them to your canvas. They are also 20% of this month. 

To place your order, call the shop at 816-599-7331. Don't wait to shop. They're selling fast!
August 13, 2021 — KC Needlepoint

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