Wool: The Workhorse Thread
Wool! We can't get enough of it. Some people steer clear of wool because it doesn't have the same sheen that silk does, but wool is such an important fiber!
Wool is by far the most durable thread on the market. It should be your go to for stitching belts, wallets, bag straps and anything that is going to need to withstand wear and tear. Wool always stands the test of time. We like to think of it as the "workhorse" thread. 

Wool has a classic, timeless look that we love for pillows too! If you're going for a more traditional look on your project, try wool. 

Below we'll talk about the differences between our favorite wool fibers. If you're wondering which wool to pick for your project, look no further than this post!

If you're stitching on 18 mesh, this should be one of the first wools you look at. It's our go to wool for stitching belts. The colors are vibrant and there are lots to choose from! If you have looser tension, this fiber can also be used on 13 count canvas. Vineyard Merino wool is durable. It has a nice "spring" to it when you stitch with it. It is also a single strand fiber, so work with one thread at a time. 

Glisten is a fun wool fiber that is unlike anything else on the market. It has a sparkly filament blended into the wool, which makes it a wonderful addition for stitching stockings. Use it for night skies, the moon, presents under a Christmas Tree. It's a very useful fiber. 

Glisten is best used on 18 count canvas. It is a single strand thread that comes on a card, like all other fibers manufactured by Rainbow Gallery. 


Appleton Wool is manufactured in the UK and is one of the oldest threads available on the market. 

Appleton comes in two different weights (thicknesses): a tapestry wool- designed for use on 10 count canvas and a crewel wool- which can be used for needlepoint and embroidery. When working with Appleton Crewel Wool, use two strands on an 18 count canvas. Different colors of this thinner fiber can be blended together for shading. 

Our newest thread line at KC Needlepoint. If you've never worked with Bella Lusso, you're in for a treat. Bella Lusso is a fine Italian wool that works beautifully for 18 count canvas. Because it is so fine, we recommend using two strands on 18 count canvas. We recommend saving it for very small areas on 13 count canvas as you will need to use three strands for good coverage. That being said, if you only need a few stitches of a color, it can be a great way to save money on a project. Even combining together multiple strands however, it's delightful to work with. 

Bella Lusso is our most recommended thread for Turkey Work. There are beautiful grays and browns for animals. 

There are several wool blends that we love and feel need to be discussed in this blog post. It is common to find wool/silk blends on the market. They are easy to work with and have a slightly softer texture than some of the pure wools. Read about them below.

Silk and Ivory is a 50/50 wool/silk blend made in Switzerland and is one of our most requested fibers in the shop. Stitchers absolutely love it! It is one of the softest threads available.

Silk and Ivory is a single strand fiber intended for use on 13/14 count canvas. We do however, have some stitchers with very tight tension use the fiber on 18 mesh canvas. However, that doesn’t work for everyone.

Silk and Ivory has a lush and inviting color palette that we can’t get enough of.
Try it out on your next project. You’ll be glad you did!

Click here to shop Silk and Ivory.


Last but certainly not least… Essentials! Another 50/50 wool/silk blend. Essentials is a single strand two-ply thread. It is available in both 10 yard cards (with a small slit in the bottom for easy storage) and in 30 yard skeins. It is designed for use on 18 count canvas.

We know we talk about Essentials all the time, but it’s not without good reason!
The line of thread comes in a beautiful array of colors. Additionally, Essentials comes in at a fabulous price point- just $2.85 for a 10 yard card. This makes it a fabulous choice for any of those tiny color areas where you don't want to spend a ton of money on a full skein of thread. With those two factors in mind, it’s a fantastic choice for almost anywhere on your canvas and certainly a worthwhile addition to your stash.

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October 13, 2021 — KC Needlepoint
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