What's the difference between all these metallic threads?
There are so many different metallic threads on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start when selecting one. If you've ever looked at your canvas and known you wanted to add some sparkle, but just didn't know which metallic thread to pick, this blog post is for you!

Below we've outlined our favorite metallic threads and created some helpful stitch examples and descriptions so you have a better handle on which metallic thread to use for which effect!

Be sure to compare threads above and take a good look at the stitched examples. This should help you determine which sparkly thread might be right for you!

Fyre Werks:

Fyre Werks is by far the sparkliest of the metallic threads. This thread line has the best true golds and silvers. You won't want to stitch an entire canvas in Fyre Works, because it is just too sparkly- but the effect is amazing in small doses!
Silk Lamé Braid:

Silk Lamé is our go to sparkle here at KC Needlepoint! It comes in three different weights (thicknesses). "Petite" Silk Lamé Braid is very thin and great for open coverage backgrounds. Silk Lamé "for 18" will give you full coverage on 18 count canvas and can even be used on 13 count if you have looser tension. Silk Lamé "for 13" will give you full coverage on 13 count canvas. 

Silk Lamé Braid has a subtle sparkle to it and comes in a huge selection of colors. We have the full line. 
Shop Silk Lamé 13 here. 
Shop Silk Lamé 18 here. 
Shop Petite Silk Lamé here. 


Entice is very similar in look to Silk Lamé Braid. The only exception being that it is made of rayon as opposed to silk, so it tends to fray. If you only need it for small areas on a canvas, it's a good choice!
If you're looking for a cost effective option... Entice might be for you!

Shop Entice by clicking here. 

Neon Rays Plus:

Neon Rays Plus is another favorite here at the shop. Neon Rays Plus has a subtle sparkle to it, a lot like Silk Lamé Braid. The only difference is that it is a flat thread as opposed to being round. This does mean that you need to pay attention that it is not twisted as you stitch with it, but also gives the added bonus that you can go back and forth between 13 and 18 count canvas with the same thread!

Shop Neon Rays Plus by clicking here. 

Neon Rays:

Neon Rays is not a true metallic, but it does have a beautiful, shiny soft finish. We've gone ahead and included it so that you can see it in contrast to the other threads. It has an effect unlike anything else!

Shop Neon Rays by clicking here. 


Much like Silk Lamé Braid, Kreinik comes in lots of different thicknesses from #4 Braid (the thinnest) on up to #32 braid. Kreinik has some wonderful metallics and some crazy wild colors that you won't find in any other thread line. 

Shop Kreinik by clicking here. 


Glisten is the only sparkly wool available on the market. It's a lovely option to stitch with. Great for small spaces and for incorporating into belts and other wool projects. 

Shop Glisten by clicking here. 

As always, try out these threads and tag us on Instagram @kcneedlepoint to share your progress with us. Or, leave us a comment below to tell us which is your favorite! We can't wait to hear what you think!

July 12, 2021 — KC Needlepoint
Tags: Metallics


Alli Smith

Alli Smith said:

Frye Works is the best! So much sparkle and glitter. I love it.

Jaylene Merritt

Jaylene Merritt said:

I have used all of these threads at one time or another. Glisten is probably my least favorite. I agree with one of the previous comments, that color is sometimes the deciding factor for the thread you use, along with the stitch.

Gwen Lemberg

Gwen Lemberg said:

Very good, helpful information. Have printed it out and keeping it in my threads file for future use. Thank you.

Gina Fritz

Gina Fritz said:

Thank you for explaining all the different threads.
That was very informative!

Camilla Ellsworth

Camilla Ellsworth said:

I have not worked with Glisten. All the others are wonderful even though some are easier to work with than others. It’s the colors that give you the choices to make for your canvas.

I like the way you have presented these threads and explanations.


Alice said:

I just LOVE Fyre Werks and Neon Rays +!!

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