Looking to add some wow to your stitching? Try Painter's Threads!
Introducing the latest thread addition to our website: Painter's Threads Shimmer Floss! If you want to add some wow to your stitching, this might just be the thread you are looking for!

Painter's Threads Shimmer Floss is a soft braided rayon thread braided with metallic filament. Painter's Threads are a true work of art- which is fitting because many of the colors are named after great artists! The threads are hand overdyed in Germany by artisans and are very easy to work with!

We recommend using Painter's Threads anywhere on your canvas that you really want to sparkle and shine. Because they are both overdyed and metallic, they have an effect unlike any other thread we carry. Painter's Threads can be used on both 13 and 18 count canvas. Just imagine a fire stitched in that beautiful Georgia color, a gold star on top of a tree stitched in Klimt or an ocean stitched in Chagall. Wouldn't they be spectacular? Plus, if you're a fan of Halloween, check out Turner 
and Rousseau!

To view the whole line of Painter's Threads, simply click here. You'll be so glad that you tried them out on your next project.
November 07, 2022 — KC Needlepoint

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