Doodle Canvas Kits! The stitching essential you never knew you needed!

We know you have all been loving using  The Stitch Vault and Fiber Facts Blog!  If you haven't found The Vault yet, it is a resource for stitch diagrams created by us, just for you. You'll find over 100 stitch diagrams, many stitched examples and even some how to videos... all for free! Fiber Facts is a great resource to learn about different threads- how to use them, what tricks there are and what stitches you might want to try with them. 

Nevertheless, picking out stitches can still be tricky! Even with our stitched examples, it can be difficult to visualize what a stitch will look like in the canvas, particularly because stitches can look SO different depending on what thread you select. Pick a thread that is too thin, and all of a sudden a stitch that you thought was full coverage shows canvas. Pick a thread that is too thick or textured and you won't be able to fully see the pattern in the canvas. 

Enter the "Doodle Canvas." KC Needlepoint's solution to your problem! A doodle canvas is a blank canvas that comes with a selection of different threads for you to practice on. Save yourself the hassle of ripping stitches out of the canvas and practice on your doodle canvas. It's the perfect place to try things out before you're ready to commit. 

Keep your doodle canvas as a handy reference tool for future projects. Even if something didn't quite work for your current project, maybe it's perfect for the next one!

We've assembled a limited number of doodle kits that are ready to ship. Each includes blank canvas, a skein of Pepper Pot, Silk Lame Braid, Petite Silk Lame Braid, Bella Lusso, Essentials, Neon Rays and Fyre Werks. You'll have enough threads of different types that you can have fun playing around and experimenting. We can't emphasize enough how different a stitch can look depending on the fiber you select. 

We also include stretcher bars and tacks with your purchase. They are really essential for doing decorative stitches. Mount your canvas on bars to keep it taught and help it maintain its shape. This will make it easier to count canvas threads when doing different stitches and make sure they line up perfectly. 

Shop our doodle kit for only $55 by clicking here.

Have some fun, test out new stitches and explore the brand new KC Needlepoint Stitch Vault.

July 22, 2021 — KC Needlepoint


Beth K

Beth K said:

What a fun idea!!! LOVE it!!

Gwen Goodson

Gwen Goodson said:

I love to do needlepoint.

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